A Foundation of Inspiration

For years in the making (a decade, to be exact), I’ve felt a constant tugging at my heart—a gentle whisper in my conscience urging me to find a way to increase the accessibility to private recovery care beyond the circle of those who can easily afford it.

Throughout the history of SilverBell Global, I’ve had the privilege of working with a select number of pro-bono clients. I’ve seen firsthand the magic of growing willingness from the seeds of curiosity. I’ve witnessed miracles when people longing for transformation receive the tools to change their lives. I’ve seen the devastation and heartbreak when they don’t.

SAMSHA’s annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health for 2020 reports that of the more than 40 million Americans who have an active SUD (Substance Abuse Disorder), only 6.5% receive treatment. I’ve lost friends and loved ones to untreated addiction. Perhaps you have as well.

My personal story is one of addiction and redemption; I dream that others may have the chance to write the next chapter of their own lives. Inservice Foundation: The Art of Transformation addresses the “missing link” between the most effective recovery strategies and those who need them most. Inservice was founded with encouragement from SilverBell alums, colleagues, and friends; together, we’ve joined forces to offer individualized, custom recovery care to those whose hunger for change exceeds their ability to afford the means to achieve it.

We are all capable of identification; we can all express solidarity strong enough to dissolve the stigma and shame often associated with the terms “addict” and “addiction.” We are all addicts.

Inservice is inspiration: to help others access the recovery they deserve.

Inservice is a vision: to create a world where addiction is not an affliction.

Inservice is an opportunity: to become part of our endeavour to be in service to those in need.

Inservice is an Invitation: I hope to see you at our inaugural event, A Celebration of Life and Recovery, on Thursday, 10/27, at the G Space Studio in Chelsea, NYC. Join us for music from Sam Silver, Live Art, a Silent Art Auction, delicious bites, and more.

Attendance is free; invitees may donate if moved to do so, but there are many ways to give back, and your presence is one.

In Life. In Health. In Gratitude.