Tony Dominguez

Lead LifeTeam Manager, Sweden

A Certified Interventionist and Hypnotherapist, Tony’s fifteen years as a Recovery Coach and Sober Companion have yielded remarkable results. Working predominantly with HNWIs in the entertainment and business arena, it has been Tony’s privilege to help individuals reclaim their lives: from hopeless to high-functioning, from estrangement to reunited with family and friends, from rejected to respected members of their communities. Dealing with alcoholism and addiction requires caution, tangible skills, and extensive experience. Tony’s personal journey fuels his strong passion for offering those still struggling a second chance at life in recovery. With firsthand knowledge of the courage required to ask for help, Tony meets his clients where they are, entering their lives with compassion, unconditional understanding, and a complete lack of judgment.

Trust is paramount. Tony upholds the highest ethical standards of confidentiality and discretion at all stages of his work with clients, from live-in recovery support and coaching, liaising with doctors and treatment specialists, and facilitating private detoxes to managing medication protocols and assisting with daily scheduling and engagements.

A critical component of Tony’s work with clients focuses on restoration. Tony’s expertise includes supporting a successful home reintegration process, facilitating family and business relations dialogue, and managing safe travel and transportation arrangements.

A member of the National Guild of Hypnotists Association (NGH), Tony received his Hypnotherapist Certification through the ISO 9001 Internationally recognised curriculum at the OMNI Hypnosis Centre and is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Interventionist.

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