Dr. Virginia Graham

PrD, MA, MSc., Dip, MBACP Consultant

Dr. Virginia Graham has worked in the psychiatric field since 1993 helping individuals, groups, and families recover and restore the authentic self through the therapeutic process.

Virginia enjoys building strong alliances with individual clients, many of whom present with relationship and attachment issues including codependency and family-of-origin challenges. The relationships she builds with her clients are important in their own right and also serve as a lens through which to explore patterns of behaviour. As an experienced case manager, Virginia’s work with clients often extends to their families, offering clarity, support, and direction when appropriate.

A highly sought-after colleague and collaborator, Virginia began her training in 1993 at Charter Clinic Chelsea. In 1994, after the Charter Clinic shifted from private client groups to public, she designed and facilitated a new therapy program for NHS referrals – many of whom presented as acute. The program was nominated for a Charter Mark Award that same year.

Virginia’s work enables clients to understand their recovery process from addictive disorders including alcohol, relationships, and food more deeply. Committed to helping clients discover and employ spiritual and relational resources in managing their emotional pathology, her work supporting family members of recovering clients continues. From 2015 to 2018, Virginia managed the Family Programme at Start 2 Stop founded by Dr. Cosmo Duff Gordon. In 2018, she transitioned to leading groups and workshops in the Evening Programme and continues to do so today.

Virginia’s experience with private and public healthcare systems and her ongoing relations with psychiatric hospitals and treatment centres in Europe, the US, and South Africa inform her valuable guidance on business strategy and allow her to offer effective supervisory support for psychiatric and clinical organizations.

The development and delivery of excellent psychiatric care and support for fellow professionals is both a passion and a calling: in addition to her ongoing business and clinical consultancy for SilverBell Global, Virginia provides mentorship, consultation, and supervision for individuals and organisations including The Falcon – Castle Ashby and Lions Campus

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