Clinician Testimonials

Natasha is an exceptional individual who has created an outstanding global company. Confident, refined, courageous, and kind, Natasha’s integrity, loyalty, and honesty ensure trustworthy service. It is a privilege to work alongside SilverBell Global.

Dr. Wayne Kampers

Integrative Consultant Psychiatrist

SilverBell Global’s clinical work is of the highest quality, and their professionalism is exemplary. They are my first call when I need resources for a patient crisis requiring additional in-person support or when a patient needs substantial support in a long-standing substance or mood disorder case.

Dr. Kelly Woyewodzic, MD

Adult and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine

In my experience, SilverBell is immediately responsive, extremely dedicated, and highly ethical, with a discreet, agile team able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances while maintaining a consistent quality of care. SilverBell crafts tailored creative solutions for complex individuals and family systems. SilverBell Global coaches are highly competent individuals, always up to date with the most current knowledge and training.

Maggie Doolan, MSW, LCSW, QS

Clinical Supervisor, Caron Ocean Drive

SilverBell Global’s fierce commitment to quality of service and host of multidisciplinary professionals have immeasurably augmented my traditional clinical role. Together we have created and implemented innovative treatment modalities with Natasha’s group of dedicated and inspired professionals. These collaborations have enabled me to fulfill a professional aspiration: to wholly support struggling people 24/7, helping them recover and achieve their long-term grounding and happiness.

Dr. Rami Kaminski, MD

Founder and Director, The Institute of Integrative Psychiatry

I trust SBC Coaching without reservation for my most clinically complex cases. Their coaches are exceedingly welltrained, compassionate, collaborative, and ethical. By combining SUD and mental health coaching excellence, they
are leveling up the definition of gold-standard care.

Maria Kratsios, LCSW, MA

Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Nest Behavioral Health

Working with Silverbell Coaching has shown me that comprehensive, compassionate, and highly personalized care can be available to clients within the privacy and comfort of their home spaces. SBC provides more than coaching; its case managers work thoughtfully to assemble teams of expert clinicians and caregivers. Through SBC, I’ve collaborated with top-notch medical doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists. These care teams are some of the strongest and most experienced with whom I’ve collaborated. Ultimately, however, no clinician will have more insight into the needs and struggles of a client in recovery than the coach “in the trenches.” SBC coaches stand by clients through the many daily challenges of eating disorder recovery. They have a hands-on role in meal preparation and support, helping clients process and regulate difficult emotions to help clients build richer, fuller lives. SBC coaches are highly professional, insightful, and collaborative. SBC coaches are also trauma-informed, an essential— and often overlooked—skill in eating disorder work. I feel fortunate to have partnered with them to give my clients a safe environment to heal and thrive.

Gena Hamshaw, MS, RD

I cannot recommend SBC Coaching enough. In the past five years, I have worked with SBC on several complex cases and value their communication and updates. The support they give to individuals struggling with c-PTSD, personality disorders, process and substance addictions, and eating disorders is of the highest level. SBC tailors their coaching to the individual’s needs without enabling – a delicate balance. I am grateful to have found an ethical company to aid in the healing process. I cannot sing their praises loud enough!

Lydia Kosinar, LMFT, MA

EMDR & DBT Psychotherapist

I have had the pleasure of utilizing SBC’s services for several cases over the last eight years, both nationally and internationally. As a private practice clinician and former clinical director in Los Angeles, I have worked with hundreds of companies specializing in coaching, intervention, and companionship. SBC is undoubtedly the best in the industry. Handling complicated cases with discretion, professionalism, and confidence sets SBC apart from other companies. As someone who frequently works with high-profile, high-net-worth, and high-standard clients, I have experienced the frustration of referring families to companies not sophisticated enough to meet their needs. I have never encountered this issue with SBC. Their reputation for discretion and availability is unparalleled. I wholeheartedly trust Natasha and her team to handle my cases with the sophistication, professionalism, and communication/availability that a fully private practice clinician needs for adjunct support and care. In addition, their reputation for discretion and ability to create small, effective teams in familiar and comfortable settings affords clients the necessary scaffolding for their treatment plan to succeed. SBC has always been responsive to my client’s needs and works collaboratively with me to create a roadmap to successful healing. I appreciate their creativity and willingness to do “whatever it takes” to help our mutual clients. I highly recommend SBC to anyone in need of coaching or intervention services.

Adrienne Loth, Ph.D., LMFT, AASECT-CST

Collaborating with the talented and compassionate team Natasha has curated at SilverBell Coaching has been my privilege. The recovery acumen each member of her team demonstrates across a wide range of mental health conditions has been a tremendous resource in supporting clients to progress through their treatment successfully. In addition, the ease of communication and quality of interactions with the entire organization make them an excellent ally in providing the elite support clients need in their healing journeys

Aaron Olson, CMHC, SUDC

Clinical Coordinator Cirque Lodge

I can always depend on Natasha and her team at SBC Coaching. Her coaches are exceptionally well trained and have the skill set to work with individuals struggling with complex conditions. I’m grateful for her expertise and determination to provide ethical and professional care.

Robbin Mooney

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, J. Flowers Health Institute

As an ED-specialized physician for the past 16 years, I have found SilverBell Coaching unparalleled in the ED world. I refer my sickest and most challenging cases to SBC, often patients whom traditional residential treatment centers have been unable to treat. Her teams follow my direction as the physician lead and communicate closely to ensure they convey critical information about patients’ progress. Natasha’s staff demonstrate excellent clinical and interpersonal skills and excellent judgment, making collaboration seamless. I always gain insight and perspective from her staff, which enhances my clinical repertoire and allows me to provide better care. SBC has been a genuine game changer in my ability to help my patients and their families. I give Natasha’s organization my highest recommendation.

Dr. Sarah Lowenthal

ED Physician and Board Certified Family Physician

I have had a great experience with the Silver Bell Team as a dietitian. They have come into my clients’ homes to provide much-needed support and grounding to parents and families who are often in crisis. They cook, provide meal support, and meet with the extended treatment team to help reinforce treatment protocols right in the house.

Wendy Sterling, MS, RD, CSSD, CEDS-S

Sterling Nutrition Co-Author, How to Nourish Your Child Through An Eating Disorder

SBC has been outstanding to collaborate with in every capacity. When it comes to treatment, their integrity, holistic approach, and wisdom are second to none. Additionally, the company’s whole ethos is based on compassion, understanding, responsiveness, trustworthiness, service, and sustainable, aligned, and ethical growth. I could not recommend SBC highly enough. When you work with SBC, you and your clients are in thoroughly capable, sincere, and committed hands. I have been honored and inspired by my work with SBC coaches. It has been a privilege to witness their commitment expanding and experiencing their personal and professional development and growth. They not only talk the talk, but they also walk the walk. SBC coaches are powerful role models and advocates for recovery and trauma-informed work in all that they do. I am delighted to provide ongoing support and training – a joyous experience working with professionals such as these.

Lou Lebentz

Trauma Specialist, Psychotherapist and Founder, Trauma Thrivers

Client Testimonials

As a mother of a daughter who struggles with addiction, I have been passionate about trying to find her good aftercare to support her sobriety and continued growth. After many disappointing “highly recommended” options, I became very disheartened. Then we were blessed with an amazing referral – Natasha at SilverBell Global Coaching. From the moment we met Natasha, we had renewed hope. Her care is personalized and effective, with love, respect, and nurturing. She also has an invaluable sober community, giving my daughter even more support. I cannot express more emphatically the relief and comfort I now feel when my daughter is under the care of Natasha and her team. Thank you, Natasha, for your wisdom, experience, and love!!!


I am so happy I made the decision to get my own coach! My coach and I have been co-creating my “new life.” I can’t help to be overwhelmed with appreciation. I am feeling my own feelings again for the first time in so long. I’m crying typing this because I am so full of emotion – it’s a good thing! I’ve been living most of my life for everyone besides me. And I finally really see it. I’m feeling healthier, and lighter not carrying around my famous “I’m fine” response. That had been my response since before my marriage- to everyone. You knew in like 2 min who would likely be a good match for me. I am really really growing and taking care of myself. I honestly feel this process is saving my life.


Natasha is an amazing, focused person. I credit Natasha as being the best thing that could have happened to my son’s recovery. My son has become an amazing person thanks to the coaching he got from Natasha and the care provided by Dr. Kaminski. He’s grown into an amazingly insightful, honest young man who cares about being of service to others and giving back through the sober house he started. Natasha was very supportive with regard to the rest of my family. We all took time with her to try to understand ourselves in the situation and everything else.


Thank you for your truly caring investment in our son. He’s not starting over….he’s starting from a high place of understanding and strength.


Working with Natasha has brought my recovery to a level I did not know existed…I started working with Natasha with some sobriety time already under my belt, but I was still lost. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was directionless. Natasha has helped me organise my goals, make them attainable, and take steps to become closer to the person I feel I set out to be. She has helped me better implement these tools I have learned in sobriety towards resolving: work issues, family problems, relationship trust issues, and everything else that I needed to work on. She has a genuine and cohesive approach that makes my “end of the world problems” feel less scary. I am grateful for Natasha’s presence and influence in my recovery, and I am excited to see what’s ahead.


Natasha encouraged and empowered me by reminding me I didn’t have to do anything I wasn’t ready for. She helped me process and prepare for the difficult conversations I needed to have in ways no one ever had before. Above all, she gave me advice in the most patient, non-judgmental, and caring way. She helped me distinguish between the things I actually wanted out of a relationship and the things others were pushing me to want. Natasha reminded me that my desires and concerns are important too.


I’m so grateful to Natasha for pointing us in this direction. Our son is having an extraordinary, enriching, challenging experience, and so are we.


Natasha’s unconditional love, hope, and compassion helped me through a very difficult period in my life. I had become extremely depressed and it was one of the darkest periods of my life. I began to drink heavily and became suicidal in my mind, although I did not act on it…because of Natasha’s light, encouragement, and patience, I was able to recover, and began to see the light at the end of the tunnel…I am now really happy and am a new person.


Our family will be forever grateful to SilverBell Global for their guidance. Natasha and her team are touching lives in ways that we may never know.


It wasn’t until I started working with Natasha that I could move in a new direction. Natasha held a safe space for me to explore all of my feelings and fears. She supported me and encouraged me while never telling me what to do. Natasha provided me with all the resources I needed for my family and was available to me at all times. Natasha’s warmth, genuine care, and overall presence have played such a significant role in transitioning into my new life.


I had already been to numerous detoxes and three rehabs, been arrested for drug possession, and overdosed once. Natasha went above and beyond…. With a lot of tough love and the necessary steps, she brought me back from my downward spiral toward death. Today, I feel alive…happy with myself, free of substances, and fearless of the future because I know I can handle anything that comes my way.


Natasha’s team is top-shelf. I really believe they saved my life and brought me back from the abyss. I haven’t been this peaceful and happy in years.


Thank you for being there for me all those years ago. I truly don’t know what would have become of me if you weren’t there. You helped instill confidence and pride where there was just a thin veneer of it. You helped me to become the person I am now. I’ll always be thankful.

Former Client to SBG Coach

“Perhaps I am stronger than I think.”

Thomas Merton

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